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Let’s Talk Digital!

With more and more sales being carried out online and more and more searches being carried out on search engines such as Google, isn’t it about time that you thought about your digital marketing strategy?

Firstly, let’s get to know your customers, with more and more data being inputted into not just the search engines but the social media applications such as Facebook. This data will allow us as your digital agency to identify your potential audiences demographics and buying trends, with this powerful information we are then able to target and convert potential customers into inquiries !

Digital Agency Services

Wild Herbert are a leading digital agency based in Warrington Cheshire we provide a full range of digital agency services including;

Lead Generation

Their will more than likely be several routes to generating your business new leads from online marketing, as a marketing agency we firstly take a step back from the business in order to assess not just where the quick wins are but we will also implement a marketing strategy which in turn will supply your business with a steady stream of relevant, interested new leads.

Our main focus is to generate your business leads whilst being time-efficient and cost effective to you as a business.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

With over 3.5 billion searches carried out over the major search engines each and every day (Source:Google) it is now more important than ever to ensure that your business’s products and services are put in front of people who are looking for them, right when they are looking for them!

Search engine optimization is a process which makes your website easy for the search engines to read and therefore it will list the website in prominent positions in it’s search results.

Firstly it is vital that we make sure that your websites SEO campaign is targeting the right phrases, by the right search phrases we mean search terms that;

Are relevant – What are your potential new customers typing into the search engines? Understanding your typical customers mindset and how and what they search for is the first stepping stone, then we are able to make a start on the websites on page SEO

Have the highest search volume – Once we have identified relevant search terms that your potential customers are typing in we would then need to look at what phrases have the highest search volume in order to get as many relevant visitors o your website as possible.

Websites that convert !

Website design with a difference from Wild Herbert.

Our website designers work hand in hand with not just yourself but also our digital design and marketing team to ensure that everybody is on the same page from the off! First we will need to understand your company and the products & services which it provides, we will then also need to look at trends in the market and what your competitors are doing. We then make it our passion to understand the purpose of your website and only then we will the foundations so to speak of your company’s online presence.

How do you want your company to be portrayed/seen by both new potential customers and existing customers? Is it in order to generate direct sales? telephone enquiries? or contact form submissions?

There are several aspects to consider when thinking about web design, how it looks, its ease of use, its functionality, its ability to read by the search engines, its relevance and its ability to get it’s visitors to leave your company with some sort of enquiry, whether that be a phone call a contact form submission, an email address in order to sign up to a newsletter or if not a follow on your company’s social media accounts.

Constant Website Monitoring & Updating

Want to know what your website visitos are doing when they come onto your website? We are able to see all of the usual data that other digital agency’s give you such as Google Analytics which will allow you to see how visitors were acquired, how long they are staying on each page, how many are going clicking on and then off straight away (bounce rate) and much more. Where Wild Herbert as a digital agency come into their own is drilling down into what typically converts, in order to get a better understanding of your visitors behaviour we use platforms such as heat mapping and artificial intelligence to complement any marketing that you are carrying out.